Scaling Premium Podcasts Through the Intersection of Creative and Technology

How Good Great Could Your Podcast Be?

What’s Your Strategy?

Did you grow into podcasting organically? Did you start with a clear mission? Podcasting is a business and it needs a strategy to ensure the right decisions are being made.

Are You Getting the Best Distribution?

Can your reach be bigger? can you audience expand to new segments? How can you get to the most platforms with the least amount of effort.

What’s your monetization plan?

What is your ad revenue? Can you model it out a year? What experiments have you run? What’s the best advertiser for you?

What Metrics Are you focused on? 

Do you know what your KPIs should be? Do you have a data strategy? How are you synthesizing data from different platforms to create your roadmap?

Podcasting Revenue Is On Track to Double In Three Year

What’s Your Plan?

The Podcasting Revenue Boom Has Started

As advertising revenues begin to catch up with the growth of the medium, podcasting is building the infrastructure of a billion-dollar media industry.

Source: PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2018-2022, Ovum

What Mosaic Media Partners Can Do


We provide executive-level business leadership for your podcast. It’s not about the episodes, it’s about your story, your reach and your ability to drive reveneue.


Where? Which channels? When? How? Know your audience and be where they are. It’s an omnichannel world. 


New rules are being written every day. Test your way to the right monetization strategy. And keep refining. 


Analytics is at the heart of what we do. As a podcaster, you’re awash in data — and you probably don’t know where to start. Our solution actually aggregates data from all the source platforms — podcasting, social, e-commerce and more — to give you a complete understanding of your product and your fans.   


Our team of engineers and technology integrators saves you time and money by adroitly connecting systems. 


The result of working with us is that you have a methodology for driving growth over time. An actual plan, backed by an industry-leading platform. It’s confidence about getting there.

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